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Treatment Areas

Supportive treatment is offered for the following:



Adjustment to Life Transitions

Adolescent Concerns

Anger Management



College Life


Coping Skills


Dissociative Disorders

Emotional Disturbance

Family Conflict




LGBQT+ Issues


Personality Disorders

Personal Growth

Racial Trauma / Institutional Racism

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem



Social Issues


Student Concerns

Suicidal Ideation


Work Issues

Individual Therapy - Adolescents, Adults, & Elders

Individual Therapy provides a safe and confidential space to discuss personal issues and challenges. It is an opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings in order to gain a better understanding of yourself and create positive change. I use my experience to provide support and feedback to help you reach your goals.


Relationship & Couples Therapy

Relationship therapy is a type of clinical therapy that focuses on improving communication and strengthening bonds between people. It is an effective way to gain insight into relationships and to identify and address issues that are causing strain. Relationship therapy can help members build trust and find new ways to connect with each other.



Psychoeducation is an evidence-based clinical intervention that provides individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to better understand, manage, and cope with their mental health concerns. Through psychoeducation, clients learn to identify and challenge unhelpful thinking or behavior patterns and develop strategies to enhance their overall wellbeing. Psychoeducation is an important part of a comprehensive treatment plan and is tailored to the individual for maximum effectiveness.

Service Location

Confidential therapy office for treatment of stress, couples counseling and individual therapy

Service Conditions

Telehealth services are available for those within the state of Arkansas using a HIPPA compliant platform.


Turner Counseling does not provide emergency services. Should you experience an emergency situation, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

​I provide clinical services under the authority of the following governing bodies in Arkansas:

Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling

ACA Code of Ethics

HIPAA Federal privacy standards

National Board of Certified Counselors

No Surprises Act

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